Regulations for visiting the center: 

Dear Members,

Please take note of the following announcement regarding visiting the center:

In line with phase 2 of the relaxation of the circuit breaker measures in Singapore, members shall be able to visit the center strictly complying with the following measures:

Visiting members

  1. enter the premises using the SAFE ENTRY QR Code posted at the entrance.
  2. have your temperature taken.
  3. record entry as well as temperature in a note-book dedicated for this purpose.
  4. observe a 1-metre safe distance between others.
  5. vacate the center as soon as the activities conclude without mingling or lingering on.
  6. wear a face mask at all times.
  7. may wear a face shield if facilitating meditations, readings and performing their speaking duties and must be at least 1 metre away from any other individuals.
  8. will not be permitted to sing and give live performances in the center.
  9. should not be sharing prayer and other common items (e.g. books, prasad, flowers). Members are to bring along their personal books and items instead, where required.
  10. will keep the door and windows of the center open to naturally ventilate the space.

Appreciate everyone's effort in keeping Singapore and the society safe.

With Mother's Blessings,

Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore




1 Nov 2020

10:30 AM

There will be a collective meditation via Zoom, but the brunch and the walk are cancelled.

8 PM Talk by Prof. Vladmir Yatsenko

8 Nov 2020

6 PM

Thematic Study Circle by Jayanthy:
The Synthesis of Yoga

15 Nov 2020

6 PM

Thematic Study Circle by Jared:
The Secret of the Veda

17 Nov 2020
6 PM

Anniversary of the Mother Leaving Her Body

22 Nov 2020
6 PM Savitri Circle by Mr. Ramadoss
24 Nov 2020
7:30 PM

Siddhi Day Meditation
Talk by Prof. Yatsenko

29 Nov 2020
6 PM Video on Integral Yoga